EIFAD Airline enters the Romanian market (???)

From December 2018, a new airline will debut in Romania. This is EIFAD Airlines / EIFAD Aviation Services.

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A new airline, named EIFAD Airline / EIFAD Aviation Services, is appearing on the Romanian market.

From the information found, the new company has its origins in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, and specializes in or will specialize in charter flights, but also in other premium services (aircraft rentals, VIP services, etc.). It was set up in December 2017.

EIFAD Airline / EIFAD Aviation Services

Pe company website information appears on a fleet of aircraft type Airbus A320 and A330, and the debut would be in December 2018. No more!

The target would be long-haul charter flights. From the information found on linkedin: Mahmut Yazici is CCO; Maria Dumitriu is Executive Office Manager; Alexandru Gheorghiu is Sales Manager.

In a presentation film, EIFAD Airline aims to increase the number of tourists in Saudi Arabia, especially those who go on pilgrimage, from 8 millions of tourists to 30 millions of tourists.

It's a topic to watch! We'll be back with more information!

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