EL AL withdrew last Boeing 747-400 (4X-ELC) from operational service / Last flight for 747 EL AL - LY1747

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On November 3, 2019, EL AL operated the last flight with a Boeing 747-400 aircraft. He was on the route Rome - Tel Aviv and wore the code LY1747. After 48 years, EL AL gave up the Boeing 747 fleet.

There comes a time when the end of one stage means the beginning of another. And in aviation, old and old airplanes leave room for new generations. The Boeing 747 family of aircraft was a revolutionary one. It was an engineering demonstration for the 60 years. ”

EL AL withdrew the latest Boeing 747-400 (4X-ELC) from the fleet

EL AL received the first Boeing 747 in the 1971. And for 48 years, EL AL had all the models in the 747 family (Boeing 747-100 / -200 / -300 / -400) in the fleet. For EL AL, as with many other airlines, Boeing 747 has played a very important role in the operational development of long haul routes.

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But here comes a time when we need to stay away from Queen of the Skies, and the place was taken over by the new and modern Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. EL AL has 12-787-9 planes, and this month will receive 787-8.

The last flight for 747 EL AL - LY1747


The last flight for Boeing 747-400 (4X-ELC) EL AL was LY1747, on the route Rome - Tel Aviv. The withdrawal of this plane was spectacular. Above the Mediterranean, he “drew” the silhouette of a Boeing 747 in flight.

Unfortunately, the aircraft with 4 engines lost the battle in front of the models with 2 engines. More and more airlines are giving up Boeing 747, Airbus A340 and even Airbus A380. But we must admit, new models are much more comfortable and efficient.

We remind you that EL AL has flown several times with Boeing 747-400 and in Bucharest! But from today, we will most likely have the opportunity to see Boeing 787 and Boeing 777, in addition to the traditional Boeing 737-900ER.

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