eMAG and Blue Air, together with Black Friday 2019 / Blue Air Vouchers at 50% discount

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eMAG is clearly the largest online store in Romania. And also eMAG is the one who gives the exact time when it comes to Black Friday, the true Black Friday. Even if you don't respect the tradition of the United States, eMAG respects the idea of ​​Black Friday and will organize a single day, on 15 November 2019, the festival of discounts in 2019.

Besides thousands of promotions at electronics, appliances, IT, eMAG will have very good promotions also for tourist products. Will sell Blue Air plane ticket vouchers.

Blue Air vouchers at 50% discount

There will be 3 vouchers in value, sold with 50% discount: voucher of 500 lei - at 250 lei / voucher of 400 lei - at 200 lei / voucher of 250 lei - at 125 lei.

Obviously, vouchers can be used to buy air tickets Blue Air. What will be the conditions of use? We don't know them yet, but we hope they will be as simple as possible. How many vouchers will there be? We don't know that either, but we hope it will be as long as possible.

We are looking forward to the Black Friday 2019, from 15 to November 2019, and we will see!

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