Embraer delivered 29 aircraft to Q1 2013

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The aircraft manufacturing industry is one of the largest on the planet. Annually, hundreds of new planes fly to new destinations. In addition to the Airbus and Boeing titans, there are also regional manufacturers on the market. Their figures are much lower, but they have a well-established role in this industry.


Embraer is one of these small manufacturers, but it produces aircraft to international standards, suitable for short and medium flights. They are reliable, comfortable and efficient. Last fall, I had the opportunity to fly the route Bucharest - Vienna with an Embraer E-190 FlyNiki and I was really pleasantly surprised.

The year 2013 started off pretty well, and the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer announced that it had delivered 29 for commercial aircraft: 17 are for commercial lines, and 12 are business aircraft.


On 31 March 2013, Embraer also drew the line. It has a total of 211 aircraft worth $ X billion. But only a quarter has passed this year, and the big air shows have not yet taken place. At these fairs the largest orders are also made.

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  1. Master RA says

    Good for them ! I also flew with E 175 and E 190, they are very good!

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