Embraer delivered the 1500 aircraft, a performance achieved in just 2 decades

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Embraer announced that it has delivered the 1.500th aircraft, an impressive achievement in just two decades, while the industry average to reach this mark is 34 years. The reference aircraft is a Phenom 300E, declared the best-selling light jet in the last 9 years. The aircraft was delivered to Haute Aviation, a Swiss company that operates charter, brokerage and aircraft management flights.

In search of diversifying the company's portfolio, which also includes ultra-long-range aircraft, Haute Aviation has decided to expand its operations with Phenom 300E. The plane, with a range of 2.010 nautical miles (3.724 km), will allow customers in Switzerland to fly domestically, in Europe and around the world.

Phenom 300E can reach all of Europe from Switzerland, faster than any other aircraft in the segment.

Haute Aviation is based at Saanen-Gstaad Airport, which is located in the mountainous region of the Swiss Alps and is often considered a challenge for operators due to its location. However, with unique capabilities, the Phenom 300E aircraft demonstrates unmatched performance by using technologies such as the synthetic vision system (SVS) to provide improved situational awareness and a runway awareness and warning system (ROAAS) - the first technology of its kind. genre that has been developed and certified for business aircraft.

Haute Aviation also mentioned speed as a deciding factor in terms of aircraft, as the Phenom 300E is the fastest and longest jet, capable of reaching Mach 0,80, allowing its customers to reach their destination faster and with a superior comfort. In fact, the Phenom 300E can reach all of Europe from Switzerland, faster than any other aircraft in the segment.

With more than 950 customers worldwide purchasing 1.500 aircraft in more than 80 countries, Embraer's executive aviation business has grown at an annual growth rate of 22% since 2002, when the first executive jet model was delivered. . Only in 2020,1 out of 4 cabin aircraft delivered was an Embraer Phenom or a Pretor.

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