fbpx Embraer #MannequinChallenge

Embraer #MannequinChallenge

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The campaign is in vogue #MannequinChallenge. Television stars, athletes, singers, politicians and ordinary people have taken up this challenge.

Embraer #MannequinChallenge


And the team Embraer Executive Jets accepted the challenge of standing still, and the result is amazing. On 21 November 2016, #MannequinChallenge was organized into one Lineage 1000E (Ultra-Large Business Jet).

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    […] The #MannequinChallenge has also been adopted by the aviation industry. After Embraer responded to the #MannequinChallenge challenge, which took place in a Lineage 1000E (Ultra-Large Business Jet), it was the turn of the engineers to []

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