Emirates has completed the order for 150 of Boeing 777X aircraft

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On 9 July 2014, Emirates has completed order for 150 of Boeing 777X aircraft, valued at 56 billion dollars at list price. The commitment was concluded at the Dubai Airshow 2013 and represented the largest order ever placed for a jet commercial jet.

The order includes 115 aircraft 777-9X and 35 aircraft 777-8X, but also an agreement for 50 of additional aircraft, which could increase the contract value to 75 by billions of dollars.

Family Boeing 777X includes the models 777-8X and 777-9X, both designed to meet market needs. The new 777X model is based on the reliability and performance of the current Boeing 777, one of the most successful two-color aircraft in the operating system. According to Boeing representatives, the 777-8X competes directly with the A350-1000, while the 777-9X has no direct competitor.

Boeing 777X will be the largest and most efficient 2 aircraft in the world. Boeing 777-9X will be able to carry up to 400 passengers over a maximum distance of 15 185 kilometers. It will offer the lowest operating cost per passenger compared to competing models. Boeing 777-8X will be able to carry up to 350 passengers over a maximum distance of 17 220 km. 777X aircraft will be powered by GE9X engines by GE Aviation.

Boeing 777X aircraft production is scheduled to start in 2017, and the first delivery is scheduled for 2020.

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