Emirates adds new options for Economy class passengers.

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Emirates economy class customers can now enjoy more personal space and privacy on board with the ability to purchase up to three empty seats next to their seat.

These seats will be offered to all Economy Class customers who have a confirmed reservation. Customers will not be able to book empty seats online because they are subject to availability.

Empty seats can only be purchased at the airport check-in counter before boarding, and costs range from AED 200 to 600 (between USD 55 and 165) on an empty seat, plus applicable airline fees.

Emirates has introduced this new chair service following feedback from customers.

Emirates introduced this new seating service following feedback from customers, meeting the needs of a range of customers looking for more space during the flight, even in Economy class (couples, families, or those who just want more space while traveling during the pandemic).

In addition to the new option, Economy-class Emirates customers can choose the seat according to their travel needs.

  • Seats with extra legs, especially in the exit areas.
  • Double seats: seats in a row of two in the rear of the Boeing 777 aircraft and on the upper deck of the 380nd class Emirates Airbus A2.
  • Favorite seats in the first section of the cab and on the upper deck of a two-class A380.
  • The other seats from Economy.

Emirates has introduced discounts on luggage fares in order to help customers traveling on essential trips take home what they need.

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