Emirates begins testing passengers for COVID-19 (Video)

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We are in the 4th month of the COVID-19 pandemic and drastic measures of social distance are still being taken. Travel restrictions have been extended, and billions of people are still in isolation.

However, we must find solutions to be able to go to work, to travel and to resume our daily activities until we find an appropriate treatment and an effective vaccine. And all this should be completely safe for our health.

Emirates is the first airline to test COVID-19 passengers

The United Arab Emirates is proactive. Emirates airline, in collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), will introduce additional precautionary measures against COVID-19. From April 15, Emirates began testing passengers for COVID-19. The first ones were on the Tunisian race.

Thus, Emirates became the first airline in the world to carry out rapid COVID-19 tests on its passengers. The tests were performed by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), and the results were available within 10 minutes. The tests were performed in the check-in area of ​​Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport. We are curious how effective these rapid tests are, considering that some European states have complained about the low accuracy.

Emirates wants to increase its testing capacity and expand to other flights. Thus, passengers can receive the COVID-19 test certificate, which is necessary for entry into some countries.


Emirates has implemented other prevention and protection measures against COVID-19

In addition to rapid testing, Emirates has implemented other prevention and protection measures against COVID-19. The check-in and boarding formalities have also been adapted in view of social spacing. 

Protective barriers have been installed at each office to provide additional safety measures for passengers and employees. Gloves and masks are mandatory for all airport employees.

Passengers are also required to wear their own masks when at the airport and aboard the aircraft and to comply with the social spacing instructions.

Other printed reading materials will not be reviewed in Emirates aircraft. Food and beverages will continue to be served, but their packaging will be modified to reduce contact during serving, and interaction will be minimal.

Hand luggage is currently not accepted. Items allowed in the cabin are limited to laptop, purse, briefcase or children's items. All other items must be checked in as hold baggage. All Emirates aircraft will undergo extensive cleaning and disinfection processes in Dubai after each trip.

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