Emirates improves safety measures for passengers and employees, both at the airport and on board.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is booming. Even if the numbers are in a slight decline, the pandemic is far from over. Billions of people are isolated in their homes or quarantine facilities. Travel restrictions put thousands of planes on the ground and crashed tourism globally.

All the drastic measures imposed by authorities around the world were meant to slow the spread of the new coronavirus. It takes time until the cure (vaccine or treatment) against COVID-19 is found. But obviously, we can't do that endlessly. People want to get out of their homes, get back into their daily lives, travel and work.

Emirates improves safety measures

Airlines must take special measures for the safety of passengers and employees, at the airport and on board. And that is exactly what Emirates does.

Emirates employees, who will come in direct contact with passengers and talk here with on-board companions, check-in / boarding agents and ground staff, will be equipped with visors, disposable suits, gloves and masks.

At Dubai International Airport, gloves and masks are mandatory for all guests and employees. Thermal scanners monitor the temperatures of all passengers and employees entering the airport. Social spacing measures have been taken, including through markings in the check-in and boarding areas.

Check-in desks are provided with guardrails to provide additional protection for passengers and employees during the counter interaction.

On board Emirates aircraft, seats are pre-allocated, with free seats between individual passengers or family groups, in accordance with social separation protocols.

The catering service continues to operate on board Emirates aircraft. The products were packaged in special boxes for the lowest possible interaction between passengers and cabin crew.

Emirates improves safety measures

Similarly, to reduce the risk of virus spread by touch, magazines and other printed materials are temporarily unavailable. Hand luggage is not accepted on board. Only the laptop bag, purse, briefcase or baby items are allowed in the cabin. All other parts must be registered as hold luggage. Customers must wear masks and gloves throughout the journey from check-in to landing.

Emirates imbunatateste masurile de siguranta

All Emirates aircraft will undergo extensive cleaning and disinfection processes in Dubai after each trip.

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