Emirates has inaugurated the Dubai - Mexico City route via Barcelona

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On August 9, 2019, Emirates inaugurated the Dubai - Mexico City route via Barcelona. Boeing 777-200LR (A6-EWI) took off at 03:46, with 300 passengers on board, heading for Dubai 03:46 - 07:34 Barcelona 10:33 - 15:42 Mexico City - all local times .

Being the inaugural flight of the Dubai - Mexico City route, it is clear that journalists, VIP personalities and officials from the Emirates airline, representatives from the United Arab Emirates, but also high dignitaries from Mexico, such as the ambassador, were on board. Mexico in Dubai.

Dubai - Mexico City via Barcelona

This is a very important moment for Emirates. After a long period of negotiations and after a few hiccups and delays, here is the first EK255 flight successfully honored between Dubai and Mexico City.

On the first segment, Dubai - Barcelona, ​​at the helm were Commander Abdelrazaq Alfahim (UAE nationality), Commander Gabriel Noltenius Hahnel (Mexican nationality) and First Officer Essa Alhammadi (UAE nationality).

from the cockpit: Dubai - Mexico City via Barcelona

The aircraft used was of the Boeing 777-200LR type, indicative of A6-EWI. It has recently been reconfigured into comfortable 2 classes, with 38 seats in Business and 264 seats in Economy. The plane is about 11 years old. The Boeing 777-200LR may have a maximum range of approximately 15 000 kilometers, but it is very important for the configuration and routes operated. Weather conditions play an important role in the equation of a flight.

Dubai - Mexico City flights take about 3 hours to Barcelona.

oficialitati Dubai - Mexico City via Barcelona cu Emirates

Dubai - Mexico City flights take about 3 hours to Barcelona. The distance from Dubai and Mexico City, in a straight line, is over 14300 kilometers. But we know that airplanes do not always fly in a straight line, so this distance cannot be operated by direct flight. Not now.

According to a statement made by Rodrigo Vasquez, director general of the Mexican Civil Aviation Authority, Emirates is the 43rd country with international flights to Mexico. Aeromexico has repeatedly tried to block the entry of the UAE carrier into the Mexican market, but without success. Emirates will fly daily on the Dubai - Mexico City route via Barcelona.

The return flight EK256 will depart from Mexico City at around 19: 40. Will land in Barcelona around 13: 25 + 1 (next day). It will depart to Dubai around 15: 10 and arrive in the United Arab Emirates at 00: 45 + 1.

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