Emirates offers internet in 100 aircraft

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Emirates has announced the availability of internet on 106 aircraft in its fleet. 59 of aircraft Airbus A380 and 47 aircraft Boeing 777 were equipped with the necessary technology for in-flight Wi-Fi. The Arab airline invests 20 millions of dollars annually in installing the necessary systems to distribute the Internet on board, with a rate of 2-3 aircraft per month.

The first 10MB are free, enough to make an update on facebook or check an email, then you can pay 1 Dollar for 500MB. Due to current technical limitations, such as speed, bandwidth availability, lack of advanced hardware and software support, the low 1 dollar fee for using the 500MBs is required to keep Wi-Fi operational.

In 2014, approximately 650.000 customers have used the Internet on Emirates aircraft, and 2015 is bringing an increasing number of Internet users on board. Over 350.000 customers have already used the service in the first quarter of this year.

According to the airline's data, the most visited sites were Facebook and Google, but also chat services such as Skype or WhatsApp, reflecting travelers' desire to stay connected on social media channels even on the fly.

Emirates also offers AeroMobile service on 75% of the fleet, meaning you can use your own mobile phones for voice and SMS.

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