Emirates has ordered 30 of Boeing 787 aircraft, worth 8.8 billion.

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The Dubai Air Show 2019 was a good opportunity for Emirates to go out for plane shopping. After placing the firm order for 50 A350 XWB aircraft, Emirates also ordered 30 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Thus, the total value of aircraft orders reached 24.8 billion.

From a few observations, Emirates retains its affinity for wide-body aircraft, but is looking for newer, more modern models that will ensure very good flight autonomy. But be flexible in the interior configuration. The new aircraft will have lower transport capabilities than the current A380 and B777.

Emirates has ordered 30 from Boeing 787 aircraft

Under the contract, the new 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft will be delivered starting with 2023, for 5 years. Emirates does not give up the new Boeing 777X either, but there is concern about the delivery terms.

Emirates is a very good partner for the United States. Collaboration between Emirates and Boeing has been a tradition for decades. Let us not forget that Emirates is the largest "triple seven" airline operator with 155 fleet units.

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According to statistics, 5200 jobs are supported for every $ 1 billion recorded in aerospace exports. With orders placed by Emirates to Boeing, the company supports over 45 000 jobs in the United States. And here we are talking about direct jobs within the Boeing framework, but also within the partner companies.

Currently, the Emirates fleet includes the famous Airbus A380 (113) and the popular Boeing 777 (155). There are hundreds of weekly flights to 150 from destinations around the world. And the Emirates story goes on.

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