Emirates has ordered 50 from Airbus A380 aircraft and increases fleet to 140 (Dubai Airshow 2013)

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During this day, Emirates has placed an additional order for 50 aircraft Airbus A380, thus reaching 140 of ordered units. Of these, Airbus delivered 39 aircraft to the Emirates air carrier and is in operational service. The 39 is exposed to Dubai Airshow 2013.


This order confirms the high demand for large aircraft in the Middle East, with the increase in air traffic in the region being much higher than the global average. The first A380 Emirates was delivered in July 2008. All A380 Emirates aircraft are powered by engines Engine Alliance GP7200.

From 2007, since entering operational service, Airbus A380 has arrived in the fleet of large 10 air carriers. To date, the entire A380 fleet has accumulated over one million flight hours on nearly 140.000 commercial flights. About 50 millions of passengers have already enjoyed a unique experience aboard an A380. Every five minutes, an A380 lands / takes off on / from one of the 34 airports it can operate.

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