Emirates celebrates 10 years of travel to Japan and introduces Airbus A380 aircraft

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Emirates celebrates 10 years of travel to Japan. The moment is marked by the introduction of the aircraft Airbus A380 on the route Dubai - Tokyo Narita. The EK318 flight was greeted with water cannons at Tokyo Narita International Airport, becoming the 19, out of the 123 network, which Emiretes operates with A380.

The aircraft Airbus A380 brings a 38% increase on this route, the equivalent of 135 seats. It is configured in 3 classes and has a total of 489 seats - 399 places in Economy Class, 76 in Business Class and 14 in First Class - private apartments.

All passengers, aboard Airbus A380, can enjoy Japanese cuisine, movies, music, newspapers and magazines, but also the Internet via Wi-Fi. Those traveling to First Class have a shower and spa. Passengers traveling with Emirates on A380 can carry free luggage of 30 kg if they have a cheap ticket, 40 kg if they are at Business and 50 kg at First.

Flight schedule Dubai - Tokyo Narita - Dubai:
The EK 318 flight departed from Dubai at 02: 50 and arrived on Narita at 17: 35. Return flight EK 319 took off from Narita at 22.00 and arrived in Dubai at 04: 15, the following day.
On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the flight EK319 takes off from Narita at 21: 20 and lands in Dubai at 03: 10, the next day.

More than 3500 Japanese passengers a week on the route Tokyo Narita - Dubai can enjoy the flight on board the largest passenger plane, but also very good connections with 31 destinations in Europe, 22 in Africa, 16 in the Middle East and 11 in North and South America via Dubai Airport.

Emirates is the largest A380 airline operator, with 22 operating units and 68 in command. Emirates operates flights to 123 from destinations in 73 countries, and in the next 3 will launch four more destinations: Barcelona, ​​Lisbon, Erbil and Washington DC. All passengers benefit from connections from the 3 Terminal at Dubai International Airport. Soon a terminal dedicated only to Airbus A380 aircraft, the first of its kind in the world, will open!

  1. Master Ra says

    Good for them ! I like the competition between Turkish, Qatar Airways, Emirates, and Etihat Airways! Unfortunately Tarom is nowhere!

  2. Sorin says

    Tarom is under state patronage. It is normal to grow harder and you cannot compare TAROM with 3 large airlines supported by Arab hedgehogs, people living on mounds of money! :)

    In the world, state-owned airlines went bankrupt (eg Malev case) or were privatized for greater freedom of development, to juggle financially!

  3. Master Ra says

    Sorin, I do not compare Tarom, with people, with sheikhs, I compare Tarom with other state companies, which, with the exception of THA, 10-12 years ago, none existed !!!! I say 10-12 years ago, why, exactly when TArom, gave up racing spe Beijing, or BBK, or USA !!!! Tarom should also be privatized, but a real privatization, if that is the term! Why when Qatar Air was interested, we said no. I am very afraid that we will do a typical Romanian privatization, and soon Tarom follows in Malev's footsteps!

  4. Sorin says

    And I want a proper privatization! The idea is that in the last two years, Tarom has moved better! At present it even has a good image in the SkyTeam alliance, in the Eastern part of Europe and I can say that it has certain services even more ok compared to many other airlines.

    They gave up long flights because they do not have airplanes for something and it is not profitable to make stops! Better focus on medium and short runs, but with very good services!

    Let's hope Tarom will do even better and Malev won't follow!

  5. Master Ra says

    If you do not invest as soon as possible in the acquisition of new and modern aircraft, and I mean B, A or Embraer, and not Atr, Taromm has no chance. cabin crew!

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