Emirates SkyCargo painted a Boeing 777F in livery on Valentine's Day

Emirates SkyCargo, a cargo subsidiary of Emirates, painted an aircraft Boeing 777F in the special livery of Valentine's Day. It is a unique color scheme, with a red rose on the fuselage of the aircraft.

Through this livery, Emirates SkyCargo underlines the important contribution made to the air transport of fresh flowers worldwide.

Boeing 777F in livery for Valentine's DayBoeing-777F-Emirates-SkyCargo-1

Every day, the fleet Emirates SkyCargo transports tens of tons of fresh flowers to its network of over 150 destinations. The flowers are transported to Amsterdam, where is the largest flower distribution center in the world. Cargo aircraft are used to transport significant quantities of fresh flowers from Kenya and Ecuador.

However, Emirates SkyCargo also carries flowers for passenger aircraft in countries such as India, New Zealand, Vietnam, Zambia and Ethiopia. Between January and December 2016, Emirates SkyCargo carried over 70.000 of tons of fresh flowers from around the world.

Although flower transport is a constant activity throughout the year, there is a significant increase during Valentine's Day. The stamps show that over 250 million rose stems are grown all over the world for this special Valentine's Day.


Every year, around Valentine's Day, Emirates SkyCargo supplements the transport capacity in the main flower markets to cover the demand for transport to Aalsmeer, Amsterdam - the largest flower auction house in the world - and from there to other destinations. global.

Emirates SkyCargo also offers interesting information on how flowers are transported. These are hand-picked from specialty farms in countries such as Kenya and Ecuador. They are then sorted and packed in special boxes. Fresh flowers reach the plane's hold, where the temperature is kept between 1 and 3 degrees in order not to alter their quality.

That being said, the next time you buy a bouquet of roses for your loved one, think that flowers are fresh because of these transport technologies. Maybe they were even transported by Emirates SkyCargo.

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