Emirates will fly with Airbus A380 in Glasgow

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On 10 April 2014, Emirates will operate a special flight with Airbus A380 to Glasgow to celebrate 10 years of presence at the Scottish Airport.

The aircraft will take off from Dubai at 07: 50 and land at Glasgow at 12: 45. The return flight will depart from Glasgow Airport at 15: 35, with 80 minutes late on the standard flight, and will land in Dubai at 02: 00, the next day. The hours are local.

Ruta Dubai - Glasgow it was opened on 10 April 2004, and during the 10 years of activity were transported over 2.3 millions of passengers. Currently, Emirates operates two daily flights on this route, without competition. Qatar Airways will open the route to Edinburgh (28 to 2014).

The aircraft Airbus A380 scheduled for the special flight will be able to carry 517 passengers: 14 to First Class, 76 to Business Class and 427 to Economy Class.

Emirates has the largest fleet of Airbus A380, with 140 of units commanded and 44 already in operational service.

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