England is changing the procedure for people who want to travel abroad. You can't go out without a good reason.

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Update 25 March 2021: England has changed the form for those who want to travel internationally. At the same time, new accepted reasons were introduced:

  • the work
  • volunteering
  • education
  • medical reasons
  • leaving England if you do not live in England, your trip being temporary in this country
  • access of parents with children who do not live in the same country.

The new form is valid for international travel starting March 29, 2021.

Initial news: From 8 March 2021, the British authorities will require persons traveling abroad to provide a form specifying the reason for the journey during the lockdown.

This form must be completed if traveling outside England. Different rules apply for international travel in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

This form does not need to be completed if the journey takes place between the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man.

The form can be presented in digital format, directly from the mobile phone or presented on paper. This form will be requested at airports, ports, customs and it is good to have evidence to support the reason or reasons for the trip.

Failure to comply with this measure may be considered an offense and a fine may be imposed. According to existing information, the fine will be £ 200 if this form is not submitted at the request of the authorities.

Persons under the age of 18 or those who are unable to complete the form do not need to complete this form. The accompanying adult will do it on behalf of that person.

Accepted reasons for international travel from England are professional, medical, family, educational, volunteering or events such as weddings, baptisms, funerals. For each one there are additional requests proving the reason or reasons mentioned.

More information on the reasons you can list, the conditions and ways in which you can leave the UK can be found at official website.

Model statement for international travel departing from England during the existing lockdown period

Under current restrictions, the UK has blocked travel for tourism purposes. Only those who travel for specific and essential reasons of family and work have a sheet to leave the British territory.

But so far no one was able to send in the perfect solution, which is not strange. The new form imposed by the authorities will help to comply with the rules mentioned above.

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