Bucharest - Baku with TAROM, suspended from the reservation system

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Update 7 February 2019: Ba (a) ku, Ba (nua) ku. TAROM plays black and white with the route Bucharest - Baku. At this moment, the route is no longer in the booking system of the TAROM company. It appears that the route was suspended before it was launched.

Initial story: In May 2018, we published an article announcing more routes TAROM. Some were internal, most of which were already operational, others were international. The most interesting ones were: Baku, Odessa, Tbilisi, Yerevan.

Initially, these "exotic" routes were announced early in the summer, and were later postponed to autumn. But TAROM did not rush with their loading into the operating system. With the onset of autumn, we notice that it is beginning to appear. I wrote about Bucharest - Odessa and Bucharest - Tbilisi, both with a debut on October 31, 2018.

Bucharest - Baku flight schedule with TAROM

However, only from April 3, 2019 will the Bucharest-Baku route start with TAROM. The route has been uploaded to the airline's website. There will be 2 direct flights, on Wednesdays and Fridays, according to the schedule:

RO139 Bucharest 00:30 - 05:30 Baku
RO140 Baku 06:15 - 07:25 Bucharest

The schedule is not a comfortable one for the Romanians, but it is a very good one for the people of Azerbaijan. There are night flights, departing late at night from Bucharest and landing early in Baku. And the return is very good for those traveling from Baku to Bucharest, arriving at 07: 25 in Romania. The time will allow them to catch flights to other destinations in Europe.

The flights will be honored with Boeing 737-300 aircraft, and the flight duration is approximately 3 hours. Officially, the route was loaded into the TAROM reservation system. Octavian Barbur took care to alert us (Thank you!) :)!

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