Bucharest - Dublin since May 2013 with TAROM

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TAROM announces the introduction of flights to Dublin, Ireland, starting from 1 to 2013, with 3 weekly frequencies. The flights will be performed with a Boeing 737 aircraft on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, according to the following schedule:

21.30 Bucharest - 23.30 Dublin
00.20 Dublin - 06.05 Bucharest.

This route meets the Romanian community in Ireland, as well as passengers traveling on duty between Bucharest and Dublin. It also facilitates the connection traffic from Chisinau, Istanbul or Athens, providing very good connections for passengers traveling from Eastern Europe to Ireland.


"The summer program comes with a lot of news for our passengers. First of all, we have introduced new flights from Iasi to Bologna, Turin and London, flights that are successful as bookings on these routes are constantly increasing. Ireland is a popular destination for Romanians and we believe that the introduction of flights to Dublin will be very well received by passengers, "

said Christian Heinzmann, CEO of TAROM.

The announcement comes after the air carrier Aer Lingus will abandon the Dublin - Bucharest route on April 30, 2013. Here's why Blue Air didn't get to enjoy too much exclusivity on the route. We will return with information on prices and bookings on TAROM flights.

  1. Alex says

    Hours are impossible. I would like to visit Ireland next year, but I don't think I will choose Tarom if I keep these hours. I guess it wasn't that hard to find a free slot in Dublin, which is not an airport so crowded though.

    1. Sorin says

      They want to fly with airplanes and at night. I think it's a good time. You leave late Friday night and return Sunday night. Monday at 6.05 you are in Bucharest and you can get to work.

      I know it's a tiring flight by plane, but I think you can sleep peacefully for a few hours :).

      1. Alex says

        On the way back it would not be a big problem, but the shower omits the fact that you pay for one night's accommodation in vain. Take into account, say a hotel for 50 euros, a taxi for 20 euros, you give 70 euros from the start just because you slept in Dublin, so you put at least another 70 euros at the ticket price (35 people if you go with someone). And is it still worth it? And on Monday, you better take another day off, in my opinion…

        1. Sorin says

          I am a traveler and I prefer to go and discover as much of a destination. For example, Dublin is a city with lots of fun at night and you have the opportunity to stroll through the parks, eventually eat in a restaurant, relax. I travel with a cabin bag or bag, so no big luggage and I can move quietly.

          The second thing. You get there before midnight and you can stay, plus as far as I know there is still a means of transport until about 1-2 at night. So you avoid paying a taxi and you can stay anytime and rest, and from 7 you can go for a walk through Dublin, like I did in Madrid.

          If you want comfort then bear some expenses. If you like to travel and enjoy any time, then you can handle the current schedule :).

          It is just my opinion that you do not travel to all inclusive :) and that does not take into account a strict schedule. I will even try to get this year on a city break in Dublin.

          1. Alex says

            You should know that I also travel with little money, but still at midnight it is not very comfortable to wander around the city in search of the hotel…
            I have never stayed in a 5 star hotel in my life, for example, I think I wouldn't even know how to turn on the light (exaggerating a bit) and I think I'm exactly the kind of tourist you appreciate, but I think they could find some better hours too, but until we talk about hours, let's see the prices…

          2. Sorin says

            Yes, we need to see the prices. They won't be cheap, it's not a cheap race. As for the rest, each with a travel strategy. I understand you too, but I think it is possible to get over the small inconvenience that lasts for hours…

  2. Master RA says

    bravo, very good!

  3. ILIE ENESCU says

    CONGRATULATIONS to TAROM for the destination Dublin-Bucharest… ..the hours are perfect… I leave at 12 in the evening and arrive in the country in the morning not like the other Irish company Aerlingus which arrived at 9 in the evening and I had to miss the night at the airport because I lost any connection to Valcea Iar .and on the way back to Ireland the departure in the evening is won almost a day in the country… it is the last time with aerlingus for Easter and the last time with Blueair when I return after Easter I have to stay at night at the airport because the departure is in the morning at 7 out of 7 = Romanian company without conditions and in addition and more expensive than aerlingus… I hope that tarom will practice the same measures as blueair = rude staff at the boarding counter, as if the panda will charge you if you have even 1 kg extra… .and about the great stupidity that it's just romania: the bag with / laptop is considered luggage, ie the second hand luggage is 10 kg…. pay close attention to those who travel with blueair and have a laptop to expect the company that 'handles' the airport with luggage not to be taxedif you smell faintly like an angel… Have a nice trip and Happy Easter

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      You have chosen low + cost, respect the conditions. It doesn't matter if you have 1 Kg extra or minus. That's everywhere. It is not with mud that it is a Romanian company. It turns out you didn't fly with other low-cost companies. That's what you charge in grams and in mm. Plus that means low cost, less services included in the ticket price.

      Read this article to understand how you can fly quietly with Blue Air https://airlinestravel.ro/bucuresti-madrid-bucuresti-cu-blue-air-in-martie-2013.html

  4. Greg says

    From my point of view, the hours are a bit exaggerated. I have been living in Ireland for 14 years, and this would be a premiere with arriving in Bucharest at 6 am For those who are not pretentious it is no problem. Now…. rejoice too much because the prices will be stinging, so I prefer to travel with KLM, Lufthansa, Airfrance..etc even if that means a stopover of a few hours (2-3) in Amsterdam, Frankfurt or Paris… Tarom gave a slap ugly to the Romanians from Ireland when in 2002 he turned his back on them and took out all the direct races. as I managed so many years without you, I promise that I will manage from now on. Yes at much better prices and with a much higher degree of comfort. SO LONG, and I wish you as many flights as possible. The question is this: I am very curious to see how long you will last with this flight schedule and the prices that are vor anunta bombastice ……… ..you know what I mean :))))))))))))))))))

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      169 EUR is a lot, a little?

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