Bucharest - Timisoara with Blue Air, from June 2, 2017

Blue Air will not open its base in Timisoara (as some rumors have said), but it has to operate charters in the capital of Banat. The plane does not have to operate empty flights, so it is easier to open the Bucharest - Timisoara route.

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Starting with 2 June 2017, Blue Air will operate 1 flight a week on the route Bucharest - Timisoara. This is possible due to charter flights, which must be operated from Timisoara. Between June 2 and September 22, 2017, Blue Air will operate the charter Timisoara - Palma de Mallorca - Timisoara - Heraklion - Timisoara (according to Fly-R).

Bucharest - Timisoara flight schedule (15.06 - 22.09):

0B3087 Bucharest 22:05 - 23:00 Timisoara on Thursday
0B3088 Timișoara 20:45 - 21:40 Bucharest on Friday

In the interval June 2 - June 15, the flight schedule Bucharest - Timisoara with Blue Air will be:

0B3087 Bucharest 14:00 - 14:55 Timisoara on Thursday
0B3088 Timișoara 21:15 - 22:10 Bucharest on Friday

Rates start at 89.99 lei / segment. Hopefully it won't be the only flight on this route. Currently, the route Bucharest - Timisoara is disputed by TAROM and Ryanair.

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