Environmental activists have brought air traffic to a standstill at Berlin's Brandenburg Airport

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Environmental activists from the Letzte Generation (Last Generation) group halted air traffic at Berlin's Brandenburg Airport for two hours on Thursday night, blocking the two active runways.


Shortly after 16:00 (UTC+1), the activists forced their way into the airport premises and managed to block the airport's two runways. Activists used bicycles to pedal on the asphalt. According to German police, some of them stuck to the runway surface.

With banners and a livestream, activists explained their reasons. They asked passengers to stop traveling and asked the government to stop subsidizing aviation, it says aviation24.be.

Around 18:15 p.m., air traffic resumed. Airlines were forced to cancel five flights, affecting 750 passengers, and dozens of other flights were diverted to alternate airports or forced to return to departure airports.

Activists will bear the rigors of the law for their irresponsible action. These activists have become a threat to air traffic safety through their extremist actions.

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