Etihad Airways will open the Abu Dhabi - Sao Paulo route

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Etihad Airways, United Arab Emirates airline operator and with main hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport, has announced it will open the route Abu Dhabi - Sao Paulo, since June 2013.

Brazil is becoming an increasingly attractive country for many airlines, especially as a period of several years follows with two major sporting competitions: the 2016 Summer Olympics and the 2014 World Cup. But it has also become one of the favorite destinations of more and more tourists.

Etihad Airways will operate daily flights to Sao Paulo, Brazil, from June 2013, with Airbus A340-600 aircraft. The information uploaded in the GDS also shows the program after which it will fly between Abu Dhabi - Sao Paulo, but this does not coincide with the program presented by the official communiqué.

Program uploaded to GDS:
EY191 AUH 08:15 - 16:20 GRU 346 D
EY190 GRU 22:45 - 20:30 + 1 AUH 346 D

The program proposed in the press release:
EY171 AUH 09:45 - 17:55 GRU 346 D
EY170 GRU 00:35 - 20:20 AUH 346 D

Until the launch date, the program may change, depending on free slots or bureaucracy and government issues. At 1 June, 2013 will be inaugurated, but it will also celebrate the fact that Etihad Airways becomes the first company to operate flights to 6 continents.

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