Eturia: Bucharest-Seychelles charter flight during Easter, operated by Air Seychelles.

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The travel agency Eturia, in collaboration with Razvan Pascu, announces today the launch of a charter flight to Seychelles. Seychelles authorities have recently confirmed that they have reached a satisfactory level of immunity by vaccinating much of the population and that the country will reopen to tourists on March 25, with Seychelles entering a negative PCR test only.

The flight will be operated with an Airbus A320neo aircraft by the national airline of Seychelles - Air Seychelles, on board which passengers have at their disposal two travel classes: Business (12 seats) and Economy. The plane offers increased comfort to tourists, thanks to the wider aisle than other aircraft, as well as the extended storage space above the seats. Airbus A320neo also provides a 50% reduction in noise footprint, a 20% reduction in fuel consumption and a 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions compared to previous generation aircraft, thus significantly contributing to environmental protection. surrounding.

Tourism experts everywhere claim that ASeychelles Seychelles is one of the most spectacular and attractive beach destinations from the globe, guaranteeing tourists who choose to travel to these islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean an extremely successful combination of mountain and sea, diversity in terms of leisure options, as well as a selection of luxury hotels and premium services .

Spring break in paradise - 8 days in Seychelles with Eturia and Razvan Pascu

Fine white sand, waters in dozens of shades of turquoise, palm trees detached as if from postcards, lush vegetation, intense marine life, lacy shores, giant Aldabra turtles, top springs, peace and the feeling of complete relaxation that floats everywhere in The archipelago are among the main aspects that attract tourists like a magnet in the Seychelles.

All these are "included" in the holiday package with charter flight which the travel agency Eturia, in collaboration with Razvan Pascu, prepared during the Easter holidays this year. Those who still want to spend Easter at home, with extended family or friends, can opt for the same trip a week later.

Seychelles reopens its borders for tourists starting March 25

In order to protect their population from the effects of the virus, the Seychelles authorities have acted with great caution in the last year, allowing the entry of citizens from very few countries (with testing and quarantine) and constantly updating the list of "green" countries. Basically, the Seychelles was an almost closed country for a year.

At the same time, along with Israel, Seychelles is the country with the highest percentage of vaccinated people in the world, proposing that by the end of March about 80% of the population of about 90.000 inhabitants be vaccinated and be able to resume, gradually, activity, also opening the borders for tourism starting with March 25. Entry into the Seychelles will be conditioned by the presentation of a negative PCR test performed in the last 72 hours.

Seychelles - one of the most exclusive beach destinations in the world

Although the Seychelles archipelago is a famous destination especially among newlyweds, who come here on their honeymoon, the 115 islands that make up the archipelago can be considered, without a doubt, by families with children, groups of friends or even single people, who want to relax and feel every day like in the Garden of Eden, as it is also called. With over 100 species of endemic plants that reinvent the palette of shades of green, any visit to the Seychelles becomes a real biology lesson that can not leave you indifferent. Tourists arriving here especially visit the islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

Mahe is the largest of the archipelago islands, the place where the country's capital, Victoria, is located, as well as the international airport. Also on Mahe, tourists can visit one of the most beautiful National Parks in the world located around the Morne Seychellois peak, the highest point of the island, but also spectacular beaches with paradisiacal landscapes.

About an hour by ferry is Praslin Island, which hosts one of the "jungles" of the Archipelago, Vallée de Mai, a nature reserve and the place where you can identify all 6 species of endemic palm trees in the Seychelles, including the famous Coco de Mer. Also on the island of Praslin is the Anse Lazio beach, present in all the tops with the most beautiful beaches in the world. As for the island of La Digue, tourists choose to travel here mainly for its beaches, especially the famous Anse Source D'Argent and Grand Anse.

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