EU Commission: Recovery certificate can be issued on the basis of a rapid antigen-positive test performed at an authorized center!

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The European Commission has adopted new rules on the issuance of recovery certificates, making the process easier and more convenient. According to a press release issued by the EU Commission, from February 22, EU member states will be able to issue recovery certificates based on a positive rapid antigen test result.

This means that all passengers, especially those who became infected with COVID-19 during the Omicron wave, will be able to travel more freely and easily.

"The EU COVID digital certificate is evolving according to the situation. In order to facilitate the free movement, in particular of infected citizens during the Omicron wave, Member States are now in a position to issue certificates of recovery also based on high-quality rapid antigen tests. " said Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders.

Previously, Member States as well as other countries that were successfully connected to the EU digital COVID certificate could only issue recovery certificates if a person tested positive on an RT-PCR test. However, as rapid antigen testing has become very accurate, the Commission has decided to ease the rules.

However, it was emphasized that the rapid antigen test that is used to issue / obtain a recovery certificate should be part of the EU's common list of rapid antigen tests. In addition, it was noted that rapid antigen testing should be performed by healthcare professionals or trained personnel, suggesting that self-testing cannot be used to obtain a certificate of recovery.

The new rules on issuing recovery certificates will start to apply immediately, and Member States can start issuing recovery certificates based on rapid antigen tests whenever they are ready.

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