Explosion at 3 terminal "arrivals" of Beijing airport

Explosion at 3 terminal "arrivals" of Beijing airport

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Update 16: 38: The 34-year-old appears to be protesting against violent police actions in 2005 that left him with a disability.

Around 18.25 (local time), an explosion took place in the 3 terminal "arrivals" of the Beijing airport, Xinhua news agency announced. As a result of the blast, a person was injured and it is supposed to be the one who detonated the explosive device.


Several passengers posted on the social networks photos with the alleged culprit of the incident, but also with the terminal after the explosion.


A photo shows a young man in a wheelchair. Looks like he was flipping a paper and protesting about a topic so far only he knew. He was identified by CCTV China as Ji Zhongxing from Shandong Province. He was transported to the hospital, but his condition has not yet been reported.

(source photo: RT.com)

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