Expropriations for the new terminal at Henri Coandă Airport - in a straight line

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The last formalities prior to the payment of compensation to the expropriated are being completed. Payments for expropriated owners according to GD 799/2019 will be able to be made shortly.

Almost a thousand files (about 70%) of the total have already been clarified so that, at this moment, it is only necessary to complete the Expropriation Commissions with the new members, appointed following the local elections of September 2020 in the two territorial administrative units involved. (Otopeni and Tunari) for starting payments.

The total compensations are 236.037.292 lei, of which 102.318.254 lei in Otopeni and 133.719.038 lei in Tunari.

The establishment of the state of emergency between 16 March and 15 May 2020, as well as the state of alert from 18 May to the present, have been obstacles which, with further efforts, the Expropriation Commissions have overcome, with legal proceedings continuing throughout this period. period.

The project for which the expropriation is made, “Development and modernization of the Airport Infrastructure at Henri Coandă Bucharest International Airport” will ensure the construction not only of a passenger terminal but also the extension of the embarkation-disembarkation platforms, the runway system, access roads and parking lots, as well as a new control tower and hangars and technical spaces. They will allow the provision of services at a higher level, as well as the creation of new jobs.

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