The FAA has authorized the return of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to operational service

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Today, November 18, 2020, as we have been announcing you since November 10th, The FAA has authorized the return of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to operational service.

FAA Administrator Steve Dickson today signed an order paving the way for Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to resume commercial flights. After 20 months and an extensive and methodical process of review and reassessment, 737 MAX aircraft are free to fly.

During this period, FAA employees worked hard to identify and address all safety issues encountered with the 737 MAX family of aircraft. Furthermore, the FAA administrator was directly involved in the reevaluation process, piloting a Boeing 737 MAX.

We remind you that 2 737 MAX aircraft crashed due to technical problems, which resulted in the loss of 346 lives, passengers and flight crews. Lion Air 610 and Ethiopian Airlines 302.

In addition to lifting the restrictions, the FAA has issued an airworthiness directive specifying what changes must be made before 737 MAX aircraft return to operational service. It issued a notice of airworthiness to the International Community (CANIC) and published the MAX training requirements.

At the same time, airlines that have parked their 737 MAX aircraft must take the necessary maintenance measures to prepare them to fly again.

The design and recertification of this aircraft included an unprecedented level of collaborative and independent analysis by aviation authorities around the world.

Following the return of 737 MAX aircraft to operational service, the FAA will continue to work closely with civil aviation partners to assess possible further improvements to the aircraft.

For those interested and passionate, below are all the documents issued by the FAA on November 18, 2020, all related to the 737 MAX family of aircraft.

The Boeing 737 MAX family of aircraft received free flight

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