Atlasglobal bankruptcy was requested on February 12 / Atlasglobal suspended all commercial activities

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On February 12, Atlasglobal's management filed for bankruptcy and stopped all commercial activities. The last flight operated was on the Baghdad - Istanbul route.

AtlasGlobal, which flew under the name Atlasjet until March 31, 2015, is a Turkish airline headquartered in Istanbul. It operates regular flights, but also numerous charter flights. Most of the routes were operated from the Istanbul base.

The bankruptcy of Atlasglobal was requested on February 12

In recent months, Atlasglobal has faced financial problems. Between November 26 and December 21, 2019, Atlasglobal suspended operations and attempted resuscitation. It resumed its flights towards the end of December on routes departing from Istanbul to Antalya, London, Baghdad, Tel Aviv, Tehran and Amsterdam. On January 18, he suspended flights until February 9.

Either way you cannot operate. Thus, the management made the decision to stop the activity altogether, and all the employees were called to the company headquarters.

The airline Atlasglobal was founded in 2001, and until March 31, 2015 it flew under the name Atlasjet. Lately, Atlasglobal has operated an all-Airbus fleet consisting of A320, A321 and A330 aircraft.

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