False fire alarm during running Florence-Timisoara flight

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During the run-up to the take-off runway at Florence Airport, around 11: 40, the time of Italy, the crew of Saab 2000-type aircraft, of the Florence-Timisoara flight operated by Carpatair, with 45 of passengers on board, noticed the message of Fire alarm on the left engine, one that later turned out to be false.

In order to avoid any risk and in accordance with the standard procedures for such situations, the crew immediately stopped running, started the fire extinguishing systems and evacuated the aircraft.

None of the passengers on board and the crew members suffered.

However, there are still some questions to which we await answers. Many news sites have mentioned 4 injured, but it is not yet clear at the moment. Plus, we do not know if the aircraft will continue its activity now or will be subject to technical checks.

We'll be back with information as they come up!

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