False Buclucas and Ryanair response

False Buzzard and Ryanair's brilliant response

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Working on the ground at an airport is not really easy. Regardless of the weather conditions, everything must be carried out according to the schedule and within the set times. It is not easy to load luggage, some very heavy and very large. It is not easy to "run" around an aircraft for checks, supplies, repairs where appropriate.

It is not easy for ground employees to endure the deafening noise of engines and inhale the noises, while passengers travel to vacation destinations, on business trips, with relatives or just out of passion to discover new cultures.

But this work can be fun too. This was demonstrated to us by a few employees at Dublin Airport. They drew a phallus near a Ryanair aircraft.

Their "work of art" circled the internet, and more passengers were revolted. Following this small "scandal", Ryanair sent a press release with a brilliant explanation and humor:

Adaptation: "While our ground staff excels at making the record in a record time of just 25 minutes, the art is not exactly their strength, as they have clearly forgotten to draw the wings of the snow plane."

This means having a creative and humorous communication department. An embarrassing situation managed to be resolved with 2 brilliant lines.

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