FAST PACKING: "How fast can you pack your bags for Crete?"

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How fast can you get your luggage? If there was a super offer for a story destination, would you take the opportunity and go on vacation?

Fast Packing Crete

Tour operator Prestige Tours comes with an offer "FAST PACKING". If you manage to get your luggage today, you can be on the beach in Crete! The travel period is 16 - 23 April, so Easter catches you on Greek lands and possibly with your feet at sea.

Prestige Tours provides you the plane ticket, the hotel-airport-hotel transfer and the tourist assistance in Romanian. Spend Easter in Crete with just 288 euros! The only costs are 193 euro accommodation + 95 euro airport taxes!

You can benefit from this offer through Prestige Tours partners, and for more details contact: [Email protected]! Places are limits!

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