fbpx FAST PACKING: Mallorca from the 269 EURO

FAST PACKING: Mallorca from the 269 EURO

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Delayed plane? Flight canceled? >>Claim compensation now<< for delayed or canceled flight. You can be entitled to up to € 600.

Prepare your luggage because I announce an irresistible Fast Packing for Mallorca! The departure is Monday, 02.06.2014, so start packing!


A holiday begins from 269 EURO + 95 EURO taxes! Below are some interesting and attractive packages for this period:

* AMFORA BEACH 2 * / Playa de Palma - from 269 EURO / place + 95 EURO tax
* CLUB € OPA 3 * / Paguera - from 319 EURO / place + 95 EURO tax
* IRIS 3 * / El Arenal - from 305 EURO / place + 95 EURO taxes
* FLOR LOS ALMENDROS 3 * / Paguera- from the 345 EURO / place + 95 EURO taxes
* ATLANTIC PARK 4 * / Magalluf - from 499 EURO / place + 95 EURO tax
* SOL GUADALUPE 4 * / Magalluf - from 499 EURO / place + 95 EURO taxes

Included services:

• Airline tickets - charter flight with TAROM;
• Airport transfers - hotel - airport;
• 7 nights 2 *, 3 * and 4 * hotel accommodation - depending on preferences;
• Meals according to the offer - can be packed only with breakfast or half board;
• Tourist assistance in Romanian.

You can benefit from this offer through Prestige Tours partners, and for more details contact: [email protected]! Places are limits!

How fast are you doing your luggage?

  1. AlexO says

    The wonderful Romanian tourism industry teaches us mathematics: xxx euro + xx euro taxes, which you can't avoid, but we pass them separately to fool you. Other ex: city break at 99 euros… Plus 95 taxes.
    Isn't it easier to write the final amount?

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      There are airport charges or other separately priced services. Almost everywhere you will see them separately.

  2. AlexO says

    Airport taxes are not separately charged and it is not normal for them to be included in the price displayed to the consumer.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      On charters the situation is a little different. If you look, you will see on the outside offers that certain services are separately charged, even if they are announced in the respective package. I understand your position and you are right to a point, but there are many factors that can influence the final price of the trip. For these reasons, I also went over an email address to request additional information.

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