Felix Baumgartner jumped parachute from 39 000 meters (photo)

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When the sky is the last frontier, some seek to overcome it. Felix Baumgartner jumps with the stratosphere parachute! It is an incredible challenge and we pray that everything goes smoothly and without unpleasant incidents. We are witnessing a historic leap. Felix's costume, the capsule, all the technology used were specially designed for this mission.

Felix Baumgartner will jump from 36.576 meters (he jumped from 39 meters) and will try to exceed the speed of the sound in free fall. This leap is "his ultimate goal." She is wearing a pressurized suit, specially created for this jump.

Felix Baumgartner jumps with the stratosphere parachute - 31 000 meters

For the jump he is about to make, from a height of over 39.000 meters above New Mexico State, Felix Baumgartner trained for five years and completed two more high jumps, one from 21.800. meters and another one from 29.600 meters.

To climb the capsule over 39 000 meters, a helium-filled balloon was used. Helium is non-flammable, non-toxic to the atmosphere and a safe method for ascension. The balloon was constructed from high performance polyethylene. The flight was authorized by the US Federal Aviation Administration, and the balloon structure contains fibers specially designed for radar detection.

The capsule weighs 1315 kg, has a diameter of 1.8 meters inside and gives the Austrian all the comfort it needs to jump from above 39 000 meters altitude.

Final Update: Felix successfully jumped. He had the courage to parachute from 39 meters and landed on his feet. In free fall it reached a speed of 000 km / h (homologated speed 1173 km / h (Mach 1342)) and exceeded the speed of sound because it was calculated at about 1.24 km / h at that altitude. Impressive what this man did at the age of 1100. Let's applaud him for his performance, for the 43 world records broken and let's congratulate the whole Red Bull Stratos team!

I even had emotions and watched every move carefully! Congratulations! Below are some pictures we captured from the live stream!

For some it seems a trivial leap, for others it is a real achievement. Eventually Felix Baumgartner followed his dream and succeeded. But humanity has to gain from this leap. The researchers were able to gather information about the behavior of the human body in the stratosphere, about the materials used and their resistance, etc. In the future maybe we will all fly through the stratosphere!

The jump figures made by Felix are at least impressive: the maximum altitude was 39.045 meters, the free fall lasted four minutes and 19 seconds, the total flight time was nine minutes and three seconds, and the maximum speed reached in free fall was ex 1342.8 km / h. 3TB of multimedia information was collected from video and photo cameras. The Red Bull Stratos project provides important data for research in medicine, science and aviation.

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