The Sully movie in cinemas / The human factor makes a difference

The Sully movie in cinemas / The human factor makes a difference

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The movie Sully entered theaters. The wait is over.


Screening is done in Warner Bros. studios. Pictures is directed by Clint Eastwood. The script was written by Todd Komarnicki, based on the aviation incident on 15 January 2009. He plays Tom Hanks (Commander Sully Sullenberger), who got into the character's skin very well.

Go watch this movie. Even if you aren't passionate about airplanes, the "Miracle on the Hudson" will captivate you. We will not tell you about the movie, but we will mention a few thoughts that we left with Sully.

When an aviation incident / accident happens, do not rush to draw conclusions and judge the situations. Each case is unique and the human factor matters. No matter how many simulations it takes, nothing can prepare 100% a human for reality. Only experience, intuition and skill make the difference. The speed of reaction plays an important role in crisis situations, and sometimes it is good to get out of the pattern.

Real images from the landing of the A320 US Airways aircraft

Did Sully do the right thing, taking the decision to board the Airbus A320 on the Hudson River? Were there any alternative ways to safely bring the aircraft to the ground? Investigators analyzed all the tracks. You will find the answers in the movie.

And in the movie we share your motto: better a delay than a catastrophe.

Clear sky!

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  1. […] Commercial airplanes can fly without problems even if a motor fails. Although this is a situation we hope you will never encounter, if an engine is damaged, the aircraft can still safely reach the ground. Many aircraft have even managed to land safely and without both engines! The most famous case is "1549 Flight of US Airways" - The Miracle on the Hudson River. [...]

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