Finnair will resume commercial flights from July 2020

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In a press release, Finnair announced the resumption of flights starting in July 2020. Finnair will review its operational program and update it as travel restrictions are lifted and demand begins to grow. The flight schedule will also take into account changes in travel restrictions in different countries.

Finnair will resume commercial flights

Thus, starting in July, Finnair will start flying to domestic destinations in Finland, destinations in Asia and key destinations in Europe.

Finnair flights to destinations in ASIA

For starters, Finnair plans to operate long-haul flights focusing on ASIA. Finnair will fly to Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai in China (subject to government approval); to Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo Narita in Japan; to Singapore, Seoul and Bangkok.

In August, Finnair will resume flights to Delhi and New York, and in November to Tokyo Haneda Airport. Finnair also has flights to Miami, Krabi and Phuket during the winter holidays.

Finnair flights to destinations in EUROPE

On European routes, Finnair will first focus on key destinations. In July it will fly to Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Gothenburg, Geneva, Hamburg, London, Malaga, Manchester, Moscow, Munich, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Riga, Tallinn, Stockholm , St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Vienna and Zurich.

And from August, Finnair will start flights to Barcelona, ​​Milan, Madrid, Rome and Warsaw.

Finnair flights to destinations in Finland

In July, Finnair will operate six domestic routes to Finland, with flights to Kuopio, Mariehamn, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Turku and Vaasa. In August, Finnair will start flying to Ivalo and Kittilä in Finnish Lapland, and in September will resume flights to Kuusamo and Tampere. For the 2020/2021 winter season, Finnair has not yet established its operational schedule.

* The routes and flight schedules are established by the airline in accordance with the laws and restrictions imposed by the authorities in those countries. Depending on government decisions, flights may be canceled or postponed. Travel carefully and be well-informed about the rules of entry to your destination.

* AirlinesTravel is not responsible for operational changes, flights or airline tickets.

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