Fire aboard a Boeing 787 Ethiopian Airlines parked on Heathrow (video)

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Around 16: 30, local time in London, was reported a fire on board a Boeing 787 (ET-AOP) Ethiopian Airlines. The aircraft was parked on the Heathrow airport platform. Several intervention crews acted to extinguish the fire. Police reported that there were no passengers on board. This incident led to the airport being blocked for about 90 minutes.



A Heathrow airport official said: "Closing the airport is part of a standard procedure if fire crews are busy with an incident."

Ethiopian Airlines officials said the aircraft was parked for more than 8 hours before smoke was detected. The images on Heathrow show us an 787 Ethiopian Airlines surrounded by flame retardant foam, but also with damage to the top of the fuselage. The causes underlying this internal fire are still unknown. Boeing representatives with airport authorities and Ethiopian Airlines officials are investigating the issue.

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Shares of Boeing fell sharply on the New York Stock Exchange after news of the London incident. Maybe because Dreamliner was involved in several incidents this year. For about 5 months, all Dreamliner aircraft were detained on the ground for battery investigations. They seem to have fixed some problems, but others have begun to appear.

The news is being updated!

  1. Master RA says

    I hope it's not something general again, for all B787s, but unfortunately there are problems with this type of plane again! Did they hurry with the B787? I hope the A 350 doesn't have as many problems…

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Airbus blows hard in "yogurt". It launched the A350 with the old battery model. I still don't have li-ion.

      As for the 787, it seems that various problems arise. I don't know if they were in a hurry or not, but it is certain that they were not in great shape. Hard enough to make a perfect revolutionary plane from the first…

      1. Diana says

        "Hard enough to make a perfect revolutionary plane at first…"

        Given that we are talking about airplanes and not washing machines, they should do it right from the start. Not the other way around, but there are human lives in the middle…

        1. Sorin Rusi says

          Like cars… Aren't there human lives in the middle? How many have not been done badly and with problems fixed in time?

          But bypassing, 787 is done very well. But problems can arise from many other factors that you cannot simulate in laboratories. We hope there are no accidents with victims. Otherwise, they are just financial losses.

          We expect to see A350 as it will be, another revolutionary model through its structure.

          I can't wait to get on an 787. I trust him :).

          1. Master RA says

            If A continues the policy of small steps, but sure with A 350, I think it will happen with A350 and B787, exactly the opposite how to happen with A340 and B777.

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