Brussels Airlines fleet conservation (photo / video)

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The coronavirus pandemic continues to put pressure on aviation and tourism. Hundreds of thousands of companies have suspended their activity and millions of people have been laid off or passed into technical unemployment. According to IATA estimates, over 25 million jobs are in danger.

In the 100-year history of commercial aviation, there is no precedent. The whole aeronautics industry has never been blocked to such an extent. Large airlines were also affected.

Millions of flights were canceled and Thousands of aircraft were stored on the ground. Are you curious to see how the planes are prepared for this "hibernation" period?

Brussels Airlines, a Lufthansa group, has suspended all regular commercial flights until May 15. Except for aircraft intended for freight and repatriation flights, the rest of the fleet was detained on the ground. It is worth mentioning that the Brussels Airlines fleet has 100 aircraft.

The Belgian carrier presents some pictures from behind the scenes. Do you think preparing planes for "hibernation" is an easy mission? Find out that this is not a simple task. Conservation of an A330 aircraft takes approximately 400 hours / man. Maintenance teams follow all Airbus procedures and instructions for aircraft safety. Now calculate about 100 planes in the fleet. Obviously, maintenance teams are made up of hundreds of employees.

Brussels Airlines fleet ready for hibernation

All windows are covered to prevent discoloration of the interior. The gear from the landing gear and the engines are completely covered to prevent corrosion. All seats are also covered to keep them clean.

All aircraft lined up and equipped for hibernation create an unusual, but spectacular, view of the Brussels airport.

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