Fleet of 737 MAX aircraft, back in the air (analysis February 2019 - 2021)

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After a long hiatus, the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft fleet is back in the air. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has approved resumption of flights with 737 MAX aircraft, in November 2020, for airlines under FAA jurisdiction.

Subsequently, other territorial authorities also agreed to resume flights with 737 MAX aircraft in Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates. However, this is not the case in Asia, where the 737 MAX fleet remains on the ground. 

In February 2019, when the Boeing 737 MAX was in operational service, flights with this type of aircraft accounted for 1,1% of global capacity. In February 2021, the fleet of 737 MAX aircraft operates only 0,4% of global capacity, given that a large part of the scheduled flights and routes are suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2019, there were 36 operators with 737 MAX aircraft in their fleets. Currently only 8 airlines have decided to resume flights with MAX aircraft.

Fleet of 737 MAX aircraft

2 years ago, Southwest Airlines it was the largest Boeing 737 MAX aircraft operator, with 41 units in the fleet. In February 2021, the MAX aircraft fleet Southwest Airlines he had not returned to the flight, this being scheduled for this month. American Airlines and United Airlines resumed flights with 737 MAX, but at a lower frequency than in 2019.

American Airlines introduced 737 MAX aircraft on 19 of the 1423 routes

American Airlines introduced 737 MAX aircraft on 19 of the 1423 routes it flew in February 2021, representing about 1% of the network. American Airlines MAXs fly mainly from the Miami hub on domestic and international routes. American Airlines owns 41 737 MAX 8 aircraft.

United has reintroduced 737 MAX aircraft only on domestic routes and, as with American Airlines, the presence of new aircraft is found on 1% of flights operated, but it is about the same as 2 years ago. United has 30 737 MAX 9 aircraft.

Linked Southwest Airlines, in February 2019, one of the largest low-cost companies in the US operated 737 MAX flights on 254 routes, representing 15% of the operational network. It remains to be seen what the company's strategy is for the new MAXs, with the resumption of flights this month.

Outside the United States, the new 737 MAXs were also used in February by Aeromexico, GOL Linhas Aereas, Copa Airlines and Air Canada. It should be noted that Aeromexico and GOL Linhas Aereas increased their transport capacity compared to the same period in 2019. GOL chose to introduce 737 MAX aircraft on 42 routes out of the total operated, which represents 14% of its route network.

In conclusion, the Boeing 737 MAX finds its place in the fleets of airlines. Certainly more and more airlines will resurrect the MAX fleet, only to allow them to pandemic.

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