Flexible Travel Partner from Wizz Air - more places with a name

For over 5 years I have been flirting with the tourism industry. I write about tourism and aviation. All this time, I noticed that there is a small problem. You cannot book multiple airline tickets with one name. This is an impediment for travel agencies, but also for those traveling in groups. It looks like Wizz Air has found the solution - Flexible Travel Partner.

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You see a great price on airline tickets for a certain date and you want to book but you do not know with whom you will travel. Are you thinking of traveling in a group to a destination or are planning to attend an event abroad and want to make some more friends. There are several hypotheses where you can take advantage of the Flexible Travel Partner.

Flexible Travel Partner

Wizz Air comes up with a solution to all these problems - Flexible Travel Partner. This service will allow customers to make a new reservation without including the names of all passengers at that time.

This innovative product has been designed for those passengers who want to book early travel at a discounted price, but are not yet sure who will be their road partners.

At the time of purchase of Flexible Travel Partner, WIZZ travelers must provide only one name, but can book tickets for up to nine other passengers without including their name.

Customers can provide the other names at any other time by accessing the online reservation, before the deadline for electronic check-in. The new service is available for a fee of only 47 of Lei / passenger / flight. More information about Flexible Travel Partner.

Wizz Air is constantly improving its services and product portfolio to meet travelers by providing even more flexibility during the booking process.

Today's announcement comes shortly after the launch of the most innovative WIZZ service, Fare Lock, which allows passengers to lock in their selected price for a period of 48 hours. The airline also offers other services that help customers make the most of their Wizz Air journey.

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