FlightClaim.ro is in the process of executing Blue Air and Wizz Air accounts

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FlightClaim.ro obtained in court in Romania, Spain and Germany final decisions in lawsuits filed by airlines that did not pay the legal compensation between 250 and 600 euros for passengers of canceled or delayed flights.

Following the completion of the court proceedings and the final decisions, FlightClaim.ro appealed to the Judicial Executors to set up accounts on the airlines that did not respect the rights of the passengers nor the obligation to pay the legal compensation to the company that assisted the passengers.

Forced by the decision of some airlines to ignore the law and the European Regulation, FlightClaim.ro, on behalf of the represented passengers, has acted in the airlines for non-payment of amounts starting from 250 euros and up to 600 euros / person, even if this this ultimately means an almost double payment for the airline, bringing together court and enforcement costs.

The most recent situations of this kind involve companies Blue Air and Wizz Air, against which a total of 3 enforcement proceedings were initiated in January this year.

During the past year, other airlines such as Vueling or Tarom were also executed, including in foreign courts, while numerous passenger files that traveled with Air Bucharest, Lufthansa, Iberia, Alitalia, Swiss, Air Moldova , Ryanair, Eurowings or TAP are in court.

Hundreds of lawsuits for recovering money for passengers

In total, FlightClaim.ro currently has approximately 170 files opened in court, of which about 30 in Romania, 100 in Germany, 30 in France and 10 in Spain. The court cases represent only 2% of the total cases, but most cases are resolved amicably by the specialists and lawyers of the company.  

The smallest amount executed was 250 euros, with a decision against Blue Air. The average value of the execution decisions is about 10.000 RON, for groups of 5-8 passengers.

I end this story from a personal standpoint. Dear passengers, do not forgive those who have made fun of your journey. Claim your rights under the European Regulation. If you have rights to compensation, ask for the money. If you do not want or do not have time, call the specialized companies. You pay a small commission, and the rest of the money you spend comes to you. Something is more than anything. And for airlines I have only one thought: to fly on time.

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