fbpx Flightradar monitored approximately 13 flights simultaneously.

Flightradar monitored approximately 13 flights simultaneously.

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Today, July 11th, Flightradar monitored approximately 13 flights simultaneous. And, at the same time, it was mentioned that today was the busiest of the last 3 months.

Today's figures were reached in mid-March, before the global pandemic broke out. This means that the engines of the planes were turned and the airlines resumed their activity.

More and more airlines are announcing the resumption of frequent commercial flights, although some countries still impose certain travel rules and restrictions.

Most flights from / to Romania were resumed. Flights to Spain, England, Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium remain suspended, but not for long. But now you can fly to countries like Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Moldova, France, Croatia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Hungary and many other existing countries on green list.

The main airlines with flights to / from Romania have resumed their activity. We're talking about TAROM, Blue Air, Wizz Air, Ryanair.

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