Flights to Brasov International Airport will be controlled and controlled remotely via remote tower

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The flights on Brasov International Airport will be controlled and directed from Arad International Airport, through the remote virtual tower solution. This is the decision of the management of the Romanian Administration of Air Traffic Services ROMATSA RA, approved in the meeting of the Board of Directors on May 13, 2021 and communicated to the Braşov County Council.

The solution regarding the provision of air navigation services for Brasov - Ghimbav International Airport was proposed and validated in advance by the executive management of ROMATSA, following a technical, economic-financial and human resources analysis of Romanian airports.

The agreed technical solution was the remote tower in Arad location

"The agreed technical solution was the remote tower in Arad location”, Is specified in the address sent by the ROMATSA management. Thus, from Arad, the guidance services for the remote tower solution will be provided, this airport being chosen following an internal competition of ROMATSA, within which several possible options and locations were analyzed.

In the next period, the specialists of the Brasov County Council will receive from ROMATSA all the necessary information, so that the Feasibility Study for the air navigation services at the Brasov Airport can be completed and move on to the procurement stage.

"We are convinced that this solution will provide air navigation services at the highest standards of safety and performance, in line with the latest technological developments. I assure you of our full support, so that the operationalization of the Brasov - Ghimbav International Airport respects the schedule you set.", says Adrian Cojoc, general director of ROMATSA, in the address sent to the County Council.

"I am very pleased that we have obtained the answer we expected from ROMATSA and that we can include the remote virtual tower solution in the feasibility study for air navigation services. In the following days we will approve the technical-economic indicators related to the navigation services in the Technical-Economic Commission and then in the plenary of the deliberative forum, after which we will start the procurement procedures for the necessary equipment and components.

I am convinced that in the future we will continue the very good collaboration both with the management of ROMATSA and with the specialists from Arad International Airport, because we need their support and expertise regarding the operationalization of Brasov International Airport.", declares the president of the Braşov County Council, Adrian-Ioan Veştea.

This solution has also been implemented at other airports in Europe or on other continents. London City Airport is one of the largest remote controlled airports.

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