Flights to Dubai are canceled due to lack of passengers. Wizz Air and FlyDubai resume flights in July.

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The long-awaited flights to Dubai have been canceled. The reason given by the airlines: the lack of passengers. The information was confirmed by the Consulate General of Romania in Dubai.

Flights to Dubai are canceled

Below you have the official position of the Consulate General of Romania in Dubai:

As the airlines operating in the UAE canceled yesterday and today the commercial flights from June, we requested information on the status of future flights to Bucharest.

Fly Dubai informed us that the commercial flight on June 5 was canceled for commercial reasons: the minimum number of passengers was not collected. FlyDubai also specified that passengers are offered the option of rebooking for June 12 and other dates or reimbursement of the cost of the plane ticket.

Wizz Air also said the flights were canceled due to a lack of passengers. Provides other flight dates or ticket cost reimbursement.

Passengers who have purchased airline tickets must contact the airlines for all information.

Etihad and Emirates operate in European destinations, such as Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Amsterdam, London Heathrow, Brussels, from where you can have connections with the national company Tarom. (Please note that TAROM has scheduled flights on request)

Clarifications made by the Consulate General of Romania in Dubai:

  • both commercial and repatriation flights must meet the minimum number of passengers.
  • commercial flights are subject to approval or cancellation depending on prevention measures and restrictions in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • diplomatic missions may not interfere in the commercial policy of airlines, these flights being managed exclusively by air traffic operators, according to the legal regulations in force in the UAE.
  • if an airline decides to allow the embarkation of passengers on special cargo flights, according to the protocol, if the diplomatic mission is officially informed, the special link for booking and payment directly to the company is posted immediately. At this time, we do not have this official communication from the airlines with which we are in permanent contact.
  • special repatriation flights can be evaluated when the airport is closed and in the absence of commercial flights, with obtaining all approvals and meeting a minimum number of people and certain tariff schedules, which may vary depending on company policy and measures impose, in the context of the evolution of the covid-19 pandemic.
  • We post all the information about repatriation flights organized by the consulate as soon as the conditions for starting such procedures are met, on the official pages of the consulate, which we ask you to follow constantly.

For emergency consular assistance such as repatriations, accidents, deaths, arrests, serious medical conditions, etc. Romanian citizens in Dubai should contact the emergency telephone number: +971509374516. And on the email address: [email protected]

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