100 of Wizz Air / Livery aircraft specially on an Airbus A321 WIZZ Air

100 of Wizz Air / Livery aircraft specially on an Airbus A321 WIZZ Air

Wizz Air is celebrating a unique milestone today: 100 aircraft in the company's fleet. To mark this special event, an ultra-efficient, state-of-the-art Airbus A321 with a special logo was unveiled in Budapest.

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In just 14 years, the Wizz Air fleet has grown to 100 aircraft. During this time, the largest low-cost carrier in Central and Eastern Europe offered low prices and affordable flights for over 155 millions of passengers. Wizz Air continues to develop its network and stimulate the markets it serves at low prices, leading to the ambition to become one of the top five airlines in Europe. To mark the moment, HA-LTD's 100 Wizz Air aircraft received a special anniversary livery.

Special livery on an Airbus A321 WIZZ Air

Wizz Air's future plans are backed by orders already in place for other 268 state-of-the-art aircraft for delivery by the end of 2026, which will bring the fleet to nearly 300 aircraft, carrying 100 millions of passengers per year. A special emphasis on digitization will allow Wizz Air to become at the same time a company that focuses more on customers, but also makes its business more efficient.

The Wizz Air fleet has an average of 4,6 years. And the Airbus A321 is the most efficient single-aisle aircraft at this time. The higher number of seats in the Airbus A321 compared to the Airbus A320 means that the first model is more efficient and more environmentally friendly. A321ceo offers 10% unit cost reduction compared to Airbus A320ceo.

Airbus A321-Wizz-Air-100

100 of Wizz Air aircraft

Until 2023, 75% of Wizz Air seats will be on an Airbus A321. A new phase will start in 2019, when the company will be delivered the first Airbus A320neo family aircraft, an aircraft whose state-of-the-art engines will ensure 10% reduction in unit costs compared to the current Airbus A321ceo. The aircraft will be powered by Pratt & Whitney PW1100G-JM engines, the most environmentally friendly and quietest engine in its class, which will provide a fuel advantage of at least 16% compared to the A321ceo.

Wizz Air continues to expand its network, which now counts 600 routes. Other 100 new routes will be launched during 2018 - 2019. In Romania, 4 new air services have already started this year, including flights from Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca to sunny Athens here. Other 16 new routes are to be launched as a result of the continuous expansion of Wizz Air in the region, offering Romanian customers even more exciting travel opportunities. In 2018, the Romanian company fleet will increase with another 4 aircraft (25 in total), and the capacity of seats will increase by 15% from year to year.

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