The "Flower Airport" Fair at Otopeni Airport, Bucharest

Bucharest National Airports Company, in collaboration with the Village Museum, organizes Monday, April 2, starting with 2018, the traditional Easter fair, at Henri Coandă International Airport in Bucharest.

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At the "Flower Airport" fair, which will take place in the new airport Departures terminal, passengers will be able to admire the skills of the popular craftsmen.

They will be demonstrating pottery, weaving, egg laying, painting icons on glass and wood, wood carving, textile braids, making fabrics.

The "Flower Airport" Fair

Also, the passengers from the airport will be able to listen to Romanian folk music, performed by the "Prahova Valley" ensemble, and will be able to taste traditional products specific to the Easter holidays: cozonac, pasca, but also Romanian fruits.

Representatives of the Bucharest National Airports Company will offer Passengers Easter presents consisting of traditional folk objects: bells and beads from Maramures.

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