Flying hearts drawn by airplanes

More and more airlines are marking important times over the year through special flights.

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On Valentine's Day, more and more planes are drawing "flying" hearts. The latest heart was drawn in flight by an Airbus A330 Virgin Atlantic.

"Flying" hearts


Virgin Atlantic Airbus A330-200 (G-VMIK) operated a training flight in the United Kingdom. The pilots decided to express their love for aviation by drawing their hearts over the British coast.

Other hearts have been drawn over time. In 2015, an Air Malta aircraft drew 2 hearts over Malta to mark the marriage of two of the company's employees.


On 21 May 2017, Cathay Pacific operated a special Community Day flight, inviting 100 children and their families aboard a Boeing 777-300. The flight took 90 from me and was operated near Hong Kong. Obviously the heart was not missing.


Another special flight was operated on 3 September 2017. Air New Zealand invited 50 children with serious health problems, such as cancer and heart disease, aboard a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. The aircraft flew 480 miles and drew a large heart over New Zealand.


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In the 6 years of Airlines Travel, I also wrote about other flying designs: "Merry Xmas”From a pilot from Germany; a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner "drew" a Dreamliner in flight; Boeing 747-8 Freighter painted in livery and Seattle Seahawks "12" perfect.

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