Flying-V - the concept aircraft for sustainable aviation

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Last days, KLM and Delft University of Technology presented a concept plane for the future, named Flying-V. The initial idea for this plane came from Justus Benad, a student at TU Berlin.

Justus Benad launched the idea of ​​a "V" plane in his thesis. The aircraft design integrates the passenger cabin, cargo area and fuel tanks into the wings, creating a spectacular V-shape.

Flying-V - concept airplane

In theory, Flying-V could be the most energy efficient aircraft. Its aerodynamic shape and light weight will contribute to lower fuel consumption by 20% compared to Airbus A350, today's most advanced aircraft.


If we make a comparison between the A350 and the Flying-V, the latter will be shorter, but with the same wingspan. It will be able to carry 314 passengers in a classic configuration. But it will be able to transport the same amount of cargo - 160 m3.

Flying-V has dimensions comparable to A350XWB, which gives it the advantage of being able to operate at any airport around the world.

In October 2019, researchers will present a prototype for the flight. It will be used to test whether Flying-V can remain stable during low-speed flight - during take-offs and landings.

Flying-V technical-information-1

But let's move beyond energy efficiency and focus on passenger comfort. Flying-V comes with new challenges for the aviation industry. It is an opportunity to improve the passenger experience in aircraft. From the arrangement of seats in the wings to the design of chairs and bathrooms.

Flying-V - a project for the future!

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