FlyOne plans to resume flights from June 2020

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Under the restrictions imposed by each country on destinations operated by the airline FLYONE, all flights during the period May 16, 2020 - May 31, 2020 will be suspended.

FLYONE also announces the gradual resumption of flights, based on plans to relax restrictions in each country. This stage is planned for beginning of June 2020.

FLYONE will cooperate with the competent authorities in each country of destination and will promptly inform about the resumption of flights based on the permits granted by the authorities for each destination.

Passengers affected by these changes, based on IATA recommendations, FLYONE proposes the following alternatives:
- the possibility to change the ticket for an alternative flight free of charge on the same destination until 31 December 2020, within the available places;
- the possibility of free modification of the ticket for another destination until 31 December 2020, within the available places;
- offering a voucher worth the initial ticket price, plus 20% of the initial value;
- reimbursement according to the tariff rules.

Passengers who have purchased a travel ticket from a travel agency are asked to contact the agency directly (to choose one of the proposed alternatives). All passengers affected by the change in timetable during this period were informed by e-mail.

If you find that the flight has been canceled but you have not been notified by e-mail regarding the cancellation of the flight, FlyOne asks you to contact FLYONE Customer Support via an e-mail sent via the contact form in the section Contact, on the official site

NOTE: Airline tickets are purchased from FlyOne or partner travel agencies. For more information, contact FlyOne or partner travel agencies.

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