Happy Birthday, TAROM! 64 years of high flying

64 years ago, it was signed the act that would mark the beginning of the most recognized Romanian brand in the last hundred years: Romanian Air Transport.

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Today, September 18 2018, TAROM celebrates 64 since its inception. In 64 years of existence, TAROM had the honor to carry iconic personalities of contemporary history. A conclusive example is Pope John Paul II, who visited Romania for the first time in 1999, arriving in Bucharest aboard a TAROM aircraft.

Many heads of state and government, world-renowned artists, performance athletes are joined by this example. The TAROM name is identified with the Romanian excellence and performance.
TAROM belongs to all Romanians. Over one hundred million passengers have traveled with TAROM in 64 years of existence. The first memories of "flight" are imprinted in the memory of Romanians with the letters TAROM.

64 years of TAROM history - re-engineering the company

Year 2018 is the year of change and reinvention of TAROM. In 2018, it reported the first consecutive months in addition, a progress for the national carrier. In 2018, TAROM launches the first mobile application in the history of the company and at the same time the first Client Relations Manager from TAROM will be implemented.

In less than a week, an integrated customer relations system, an active call center and personal accounts for all passengers will be activated. TAROM promotes a new business paradigm, implements new sales and performance tools, all to become a passenger-friendly company.

XENUMX TAROM years, we celebrate together

Together with Radio Romania News and together with all the listeners, TAROM wants to mark the turning of the 64 age by launching a competition: TAROM week. Every day, RRA listeners can win a free return ticket on any of the routes on which TAROM operates. All he has to do is call Radio Romania News and answer a simple question: "What is TAROM for you?". The winners will be contacted by TAROM Company. Success for everyone!

What does TAROM mean to you?

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